dim sum
youtiao with jiangsu butter 6
sweet potato curry spring roll 6 ⓋⒺ
king prawn spring roll with sambal mayonnaise 7
tuxedo bbq pork bun 6
shiitake and shepherd's purse dumpling 15 Ⓥ
chicken and corn tuxedo dumpling with three cup sauce 15
lattice style crispy pork and chive dumpling with black vinegar dressing 15
clams casino tuxedo style, xo, pangrattato 16
shrimp and pea shoot dumpling with fragrant chili oil 18
lobster and shrimp toast with chili and conpoy jam 22
hamachi with ponzu brown butter and black bean 23

spicy cucumbers 7 ⓋⒺ
crispy eggplant, sichuan peanut caramel 15 Ⓥ
sweet corn ribs, black vinegar, cilantro, fried garlic 14 ⓋⒺ
stir fried iceberg lettuce, garlic and soy paste 14 Ⓥ
steamed snow pea leaves, light soy, scallions 14 ⓋⒺ

seafood & meats

wok tossed hot and sour chicken 25
roasted duck breast, chinese celery, basil and lychees with plum dressing 26
honey glazed pork char siu 28
wok tossed short rib with cashew nuts and caramelized xo sauce 42 ⒼⒻ
salt and pepper montauk squid with spicy garlic relish 29 ⒼⒻ
steamed baby bass, ginger, soy and leeks 38 ⒼⒻ
steamed dungeness crab, dashi custard, smoky soy dressing, black garlic 88

rice & noodles
spicy 'mi goreng' with peanuts and seven second egg 16 Ⓥ
squid ink noodles with shiitake mushrooms, garlic and chili 22
shredded duck rice noodles, black bean, green sichuan 28
vegetarian xo fried rice with shiitake, corn and furikake 19
'johny fried rice 4.0' with bay scallop and char siu pork 25
steamed rice 4 ⓋⒺ

crème brûlée chinese custard tart 12
"strawberries and cream" 14
kaya crème sticky doughnuts 14

- vegetarian
- vegan
ⒼⒻ - gluten free

eating raw or undercooked fish, shellfish or eggs increases the risk of foodborne diseases.
twenty percent gratuity added to parties of six or more.
dinner menu